what’s on

We have a range of activities happening in The Artists Club, please check them out!

The Lounge Room Group – two scheduled zoom meetings a week on Wednesday evening at 7pm (Sydney time) and Sunday evening at 7.30pm (Sydney time). Here you can catch up with your fellow Artists Club members for an informal chat. Doesn’t have to be about art or photography, it is a place for you to grab a cuppa, jump on zoom, hang out and say “hi”.

Weekly Creative Challenge Group – new challenge posted every Friday evening. One word, your interpretation, any medium.

Photography Exercises Group – new exercises are posted every two weeks. Check in the group to see the current exercise and when it is due. This group has a scheduled zoom meeting (not facilitated by Len) every week on a Tuesday morning at 9.30am (Sydney time) for participants to meet to discuss the exercise and support each other whilst working on it.

The Quarterly Project Group – four projects a year. @len leads a zoom discussion about the artworks submitted each quarter and has a selection of prizes to hand out.

Creative February Group – a month of daily art in February. This starts in February so start thinking about blocking in that time for yourself now!

Interest Groups – we have a number of interest groups that are getting quite active, the Flower and Floral Art Group, the Monochrome Group, the Bird and Avian Art Group are a few of them. If you have an area of interest that does not yet have a group and you’d like to connect with others on that topic, please let @Clair know (message me here or email me via [email protected]). If a few people ask for the same group to be formed I will set it up for you.

Inspirations – here at The Artists Club our biggest wish is for you to come here and be inspired!

  • Check out our group inspirational artists, an ever growing source of info on artists and their work, we will keep adding to this list and you are welcome to add your own favourites. Just start a new discussion with the name of the artist.
  • Use the techniques forum discussion to help you understand a new technique, or seek help by posting a question if something has you scratching your head.
  • There is a lot that goes into being creative, not simply clicking the shutter or putting pen to paper. Visit the approaches forum discussion to be inspired on a different level, why do we create art? What is it to be creative? So many questions to ponder!
  • Watch a video. We will be adding videos periodically.

Need some help navigating the site, posting to the site or have any other questions about The Artists Club? Please message @clair or email [email protected]