focused membership

A one year membership to The Artists Club, and a year of lessons with Len Metcalf. This is a membership that is specifically for people whom would like to join in on a Focused Lens for ten sessions per calendar year.

Ten group classes are scheduled per calendar year, where each participant submits work for discussion and feedback. Includes training. Sessions run for 2–4 hours on set dates, monthly (see bellow for dates). Each person gets an allocation of twenty minutes each session to discuss their work. This includes comments and thoughts from others in the class.

In large classes students get an allocated time, so you don’t have to sit in the whole session. All sessions are recorded and are available for video playback and revision.

Focused Lens has been running successfully for the past ten years.

Generally, people get the most from this by working specifically on projects, and revisiting the same themes and genres for a period of time. When a project is naturally complete, participants are encouraged to start another project. Some people like to work on multiple projects whilst others prefer to only concentrate on one at a time.

There is much to learn from being involved in the other students work.

For people that are much more private, and would like even deeper more personal one-on-one tuition, consider Len’s Private Mentoring sessions.

Participants are required to upload images prior to each session to dropbox via a link, and have access to zoom during the sessions.

The class has it’s own group for posting and discussing their work.

Sessions are run 9.30 am Sydney time, usually on the first Tuesday of each month.

2023 dates

  • 1st August 
  • 5th September
  • 3rd October
  • 14th November
  • 5th December

2024 dates

  • Break
  • 6th February
  • 5th March
  • 2nd April
  • 14th May
  • 8th June
  • Break
  • 6th August
  • 27th September
  • 1st October
  • 5th November
  • 3rd December

2025 dates

  • 28th January
  • 4th March
  • 1st April
  • 6th May
  • 3rd June
  • Break
  • 5th August
  • 2nd September
  • 7th October
  • 4th November
  • 2nd December

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