Here we shed some light on the terminology used in The Artists Club.



We are here to help! The Artists Club admins are keeping the club running. Please reach out to us with any questions or issues. @clair or @theartistsclub or email [email protected]

arts, the

The Arts refers to a wide range of human practices of creative expression, storytelling and community participation. It includes the visual arts, the literary arts and the performing arts. The Arts is often characterised by the use of imagination. At The Artists Club we take the broadest definition possible.



challenge group

An Artists Club challenge group is a place where The Artists Club sets a variety of challenges to help members further their creativity. An example is the weekly creative challenge where members are set a challenge each week and can post and discuss their responses to the challenge in the group. Each of these challenge groups has a different focus.


Members can connect with each other, learn how here. Once another member has accepted your request to connect with them, you will see their posts in your news feed and you will be able to message each other.


See feedback.



A discussion sits within a discussion forum in The Artists Club (artists, techniques and approaches) or a group discussion forum within a group.

Each discussion is organised by title, chronologically. Members may start a new discussion and may also reply to an existing discussion.

A discussion may comprise many posts and replies from many different members.

Important discussions may be pinned to the top by facilitators and admin.

You can follow individual discussions and/or favourite them to see them and their replies appear in your news feed.

discussion forums

The Artists Club has three dedicated inspirations discussion forums: artists, techniques and approaches. Here members can post and discuss these specific areas to give inspiration and help to others as well as being inspired themselves. Members can subscribe to one of these discussion forums to see the posts in their news feed.

Each group also has a dedicated discussion forum, called “discussions” which is viewable when you are in the group, it is used only by members of that group.

Within each discussion forum or group discussion, members can start new discussions or reply to existing discussions.




A facilitator helps to run the group they are a facilitator of. Members can become facilitators if they have a very special interest and the time to put towards running the group. We offer free training and support to members who would like to volunteer to lead a group.


Members can mark a discussion as a favourite. This will result in replies to the discussion showing in their news feed.


The feed shows content posted by members of a particular group. When you enter a group the first page you land on is the feed.

See also news feed.


Feedback (often referred to as critiquing) can be sought and given on images posted into The Artists Club. We have a policy about how and where feedback can be given. Please read our feedback page before posting any feedback on the work of others.


Members can opt to follow other members, learn how here. When you follow another member their posts will show in your news feed.


See discussion forums.



An Artists Club group is a place to share your artwork and ask questions on a particular topic. Learn about groups here.



interest group

An Artists Club interest group is a group about a particular topic or genre. For example, flowers, abstract art, infrared photography. In the group you can meet other members who share your interest and share your photos, engage in discussions to ask for feedback on your images, help each other with tips and advice.

If you see a group you’d like to join, simply click “+ Join Group” and you will have immediate access.

If you can’t find an interest group for your area of interest, or an existing one is too general and you’d like something more specific, find others who share your interest and request admin to create a new group.




learning community

A learning community is a group of students with shared learning goals who collaborate and connect with one another. In a community of learners, interactions are both practical and emotional. Learners share knowledge and resources, as well as support, with emphasis on open, cohesive communication. The Artists Club is a model learning community.



Members that are connected can message each other. These messages are private and do not show up in the news feed. You receive a notification if you receive a message.


news feed

The news feed shows content posted by members you follow or are connected with, groups you subscribe to, individual discussions you subscribe to or marked as a favourite and inspiration forum discussions you subscribe to. Images/ thoughts/ questions you post here in the news feed will only be seen by people who follow you or who you are connected with.


The Artists Club will notify you when new things happen such as, a new post, someone replies to your discussion post, someone sends you a message. The notification will be an alert that shows on your screen, an email sent to the email address you used to sign up to The Artists Club, or both. You can manage your notifications by selecting which ones you would like to receive and which method you would prefer to receive them. Learn how to manage your notifications here.


one word challenge

For this weekly challenge, a single word is posted in the weekly challenge group. Members are to visually represent this word as an image. It can be a photograph or a painting, drawing etc. Members are encouraged to create something new, or they can select something from their own archives.


This is the person who created the group. It is usually one of The Artists Club admin team.






When a member joins a group they are automatically subscribed to that group. When subscribed, the posts from the group will appear in their news feed.

A member can also elect to subscribe to a discussion. When subscribed to a discussion, replies to that discussion will appear in their news feed.

A member can also elect to subscribe to a discussion forum. When subscribed to a discussion forum, new discussions added to that discussion forum will appear in their news feed. The replies to those discussions will not, to see the replies in the news feed as well it is necessary to subscribe or favourite that individual discussion.



troll is Internet slang for a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community. Trolls often use inflammatory messages to provoke emotional responses out of people, disrupting otherwise civil discussion.